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Web Design Web
Whether you require Static Website, Flash Website, Web 2.0 or Custom Web Design, Instani has the expertise which will give ROI.
Content Management System Content Management
Instani makes each website providing our clients with custom content management systems that include everything from images, text and all the extra features that help to personalize your website.
Ecommerce Solution Ecommerce
Instani is helping both large and small business to conduct their business over the Internet in the most secured, affordable and efficient manner.
Web Application Development Web Application
Instani develops customized web application that caters to their client’s specific business needs. We work with each customer individually to ensure that all their needs are personally meant.
Search Engine Optimisation Search Engine
Instani is empowering their clients with the ammunition to appear at the top of the search engines, beating out the competition.
Custom Software Development Custom Software
Instani develops custom software utilizing proven methodologies to provide the best fit to their clients with the goal of usability, flexibility, costs, maintainability and delivery in mind.
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Web Design Agency

Instani is a leading full service web design company.

We are a business providing technology services and solutions to both large and small companies, optimizing organizational performance by mapping strategic goals and objectives to IT initiatives. We provide the power that our clients need in today’s competitive market. Instani is a customer oriented company utilizing the latest technology. We are innovative and creative, and offer solid support to each client personally.
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Instani is a web design company, providing quality web design to a range of global clients across varied sectors of industry. Our team boasts 10 years of web experience and fully understand the importance of unique, relevant and targeted web design. Our experience has taught us that good web design doesn’t just mean making a page look good, but also implementing design techniques that convert highly, bringing a business consistent sales and loyalty. We work ardently with businesses to achieve aesthetically pleasing, user friendly and customer luring websites.

Why Design Is So Important

There are billions of websites out there all competing for business in their own sector. A website is the spokesperson of an organisation, the silent front man of your business, and in the modern day the first thing a client or customer sees when researching a business or conducting a transaction is the website. Your website is a visual representation of all aspects of your organisation and needs to convey your ‘core story’ to the user. From the logo to the colour scheme to the content, every part of your website needs to consolidate into a powerfully positive message to your intended audience. If the design is inappropriate and misrepresents the values and intention of a company, business will suffer and the website will fail to fulfil the potential of the company.

How We Can Help

Our designers tailor each website to the specific requirements of an organisation. We avoid generic web design because we know from experience that every business is unique in its approach and every industry operates under different dynamics. We work with you to design a website that connects with your target audience in the way you require. We deliver compelling web page design with high-level site navigation to maximise your online potential.

Why You Need a Content Management System

Historically, updating a website was a long process. You had to contact the design company, request your changes and wait for them to update the content to a static page. A static page is a page that can’t be manipulated unless you understand web development and coding. This is particularly frustrating if you need to be reactive to your market and want to conduct business quickly. In the modern day we have the luxury of a Content Management System, or CMS as it is commonly referred to. A CMS website gives your business the ability to remain present in your market, to update content, text and media, at any time. Having a Content Management Solution gives you instant control over your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), allowing you to send emails, carry out site analysis and manage finances. A Content Management Solution not only provides your business with flexibility, but also saves you money on consistently outsourcing updates.

Your Own Customised CMS Website

At Instani we provide a range of professional CMS website solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business. We customise front-end website design using your corporate identity and set up a user-friendly Content Management System dashboard so that you and your staff can operate the website independently on a daily basis. Whether you are a small ecommerce company or a medium sized enterprise, we have a CMS solution to improve your efficiency and effectiveness online.

What is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce quite literally means conducting business transactions on the web. The word specifically refers to a website that offers products and services which can be paid for over the Internet via a shopping cart solution. Comprehensive ecommerce development however, includes website design and development, CMS implementation, Search Engine Optimisation, web analytics and marketing and promotion strategy. Not all websites fall under the ecommerce bracket because many websites exist solely as information portals or promotional platforms.

Developing Your Ecommerce Website

To operate a successful ecommerce website you will need a facility capable of enticing consumers towards your product base, securely conducting your financial transactions via a shopping cart solution and managing your customer relations. You will also need access to site analytics and the ability to update content and media whenever you please. If you employ a team you may require permissions based access to specific areas of the site. This can be easily managed through the CMS aspect of your ecommerce website.

Instani Ecommerce Solution

At Instani we are passionate about making businesses successful online. We don’t just measure our success on the technology we are capable of using or the functionalities we implement, we measure our success on your success, which means a high ROI, high rates of traffic and a consistently high revenue stream. We build you a fully comprehensive ecommerce solution for your business. We tailor make a solution best suited to the requirements of your business. We provide:

• High level website usability and design
• Secure shopping cart program
• User friendly category and product structure
• Easy to use analytics to track user behaviour and conversions
• Fully integrated CMS
• Search Engine Friendly site functionality

According to research, 80% of ecommerce websites are under developed for the purpose of successful ecommerce and under optimised for the purpose of ranking highly within the search engines. At Instani we optimise your site to ensure you achieve high conversion rates, solid search engine visibility and high level user popularity.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the art of achieving a high level of visibility within the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Google, Bing and other search engine providers use complex algorithms to determine where website pages should be displayed when a user conducts a search. An SEO expert knows how to manipulate a website to be favoured by the search engines in relation to a specific industry and product. This is done through the use of on-page and off-page SEO techniques. On-page techniques include the strategizing of targeted keywords, meta-data, anchor text and other on-page disciplines. Off-page techniques include the strategizing of back-linking, social networking, article marketing and a range of promotional activities. All SEO techniques are implemented with one common intention, to help drive more traffic to a website and gain higher search engine rankings.

Why Do I Need An SEO Expert?

Without a professional SEO company a website will simply fail to perform, and the majority of websites never reach their potential because of poor SEO. The Internet is a sea of websites competing for attention and business, and this makes hiring an SEO company vital to achieving high visibility and popularity. Without good SEO, potential customers will not stumble across your site as they might stumble across a shop in the high street. You could have the best product in the world at the most affordable price, yet if people can’t find your website then you cannot expect to make sales. Hiring an SEO company needs to be a consideration from the outset of a website build. It should be considered in not just the content and external marketing, but also within the design and layout of the site.

Instani SEO Service

We have working as an online business development and SEO company for over 10 years. This experience has granted us comprehensive knowledge of the search engine optimisation process and the way in which search engines work. We pride ourselves on keeping consistently up to date with evolving search engine algorithm changes that affect the way websites are ranked. When designing and developing client websites we consider SEO at all times. Our mission is for you to be the proud owner of a high-ranking website, and whilst we know this doesn’t happen overnight, we implement all the necessary techniques for your website to grow and flourish. As you will quickly become aware, SEO is an on-going process and something that cannot be neglected; if it is, rankings will slip. With this in mind, we offer our clients on-going SEO support to ensure your site remains relevant and visible.

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